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  • Access Cisco Firewall through Telnet using Python

    In my company we have a couple of VPN’s configured and one of the VPN’s is essential to the core business of the company. That particular VPN from time to time freezes and i need to disconnect it, but that isn’t always a simple task as when i am in vacations i don’t have access…

  • weekends work

    before   after thanks Oliveira.  

  • Windows 2008 – Running a Scheduled Task after another

    I had a problem with my Windows 2008 SQL Server. I have a scheduled task to handle the backups of the backups with robocopy and a very small disk. I thought i could just delete the files after copying them to a network drive, but this is a lot harder than it look. It looks…

  • Aeroquad mini Shield

    The 6 DOF has arrived and is now welded to the shield I used some foam as shock absorber on the sensor.

  • VMware Broker

    This is a tutorial on how to install the VMware broker. Download the VMware View Connection Server 5 (in my case) and start the installation process. Keep clicking next until you get the Installation Options screen. In my case i am going to choose “View Replica Server” because i already have a VMware infrastructure. Click…

  • Aeroquad Mini Shield

    After some late night work here it is!!!

  • Quadcopter

    I have just received my new AeroQuad Mini Shield v1.0 for my quadcopter build. This shield is for Arduino Pro Mini and lets you build a simple and cheap quadcopter. This version of the shield includes a voltage divider circuit so that you can measure battery voltage during flight!

  • Zabbix tutorial – Web Interface

    Now that you have your Zabbix server up and runnig it’s time to configure the Web Interface. Just click Next and follow the instructions. For the MySQL config page: Click Next, configure the ip of the server and click Next. Now you should get this page: Click “Download configuration file” and save the file to…

  • Zabbix tutorial

    As Nagios, Zabbix lets you monitor your network. I’ll user the same operating system as before (Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 64btis) Install it and use zabbix as your username DO NOT SELECT THE OPTION “ENCRYPT HOME FOLDER” After installation just run the commnads: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install build-essential mysql-server libmysqlclient15-dev php5 php5-gd…

  • Nagios tutorial

    As a System Administrator i have the need to monitor all my infrastructure. After searching the web i found that Nagios system is one of the most powerful and free monitoring software out there. Nagios is a system monitoring for IT infrastructure that help to solve/detect problems before they affect the business process. Lets start…