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  • Horizon: one golden image multiple desktop pools

    Horizon – One Golden Image, multiple Desktop Pools

  • Persistent Static Routes on VCSA 6.5

    Persistent Static Routes on VCSA 6.5  

  • vSphere Data Protection not accessible after upgrade to 6.1.6

    vSphere Data Protection not accessible after upgrade to 6.1.6

  • Google Chrome crashes with vSphere Web Client 6.x


  • App Volumes – Office 365

    After installing Office 365 32bits in a Windows 7 64bit everything seemed to work as expected. But after attaching a writable volume to the VM, Macros on Office stopped working even if it was a clean writable volume (not used before). VMware KB provided a walk around for environments that use snapvol.cfg in Writable Volumes or in…

  • VMware vEXPERT 2017

    It was with great joy that today morning I found an email in my mailbox with the subject Welcome to the 2017 vExpert Program For those who don’t know vExpert Program started in 2009 and is a community that recognizes VMware enthusiasts that have an active role in the VMware community by sharing their knowledge. With this…

  • Script – Get VMs created, deleted or modified on vCenter

    A while back someone asked me if i could tell him who deleted a vm and when. I was able to get the information but it took me quite some time digging in the events. After this request I was asked to create a script that would send an email every day with the VMs…

  • AppStack packages migration

    App Volumes by VMware provides, in the fly, application delivery to virtualized desktop environments. This application delivery system allows applications to be delivered to virtualized desktop environments based on profiles using VMDK virtual disks without modifying the Virtual Machine or applications themselves. App Volumes v. 2.xx has some issues when you try to migrate AppStack…

  • Get VM name with specific MAC Address

    -Recently I got a request to get a virtual machine (vm) name using only the network interface MAC Address. After search for some scripts I could not find one that really worked for me so I put my brain to work and this is what I came up: [sourcecode language=”powershell”] get-vm | get-networkadapter | Where-Object…

  • Performance Graphs

    In my current job I have to able to provide on demand all kind of performance charts from the virtual machines through VMware vSphere Client. While doing this some details caught my attention. I’ll try to explain. Imagine that you want to take a performance log from one week ago lets say 26/08/2016 from 3:00PM…

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